Yoga Mail

By Master Manisekaran

Illusion is most prevalent in the world of storytelling, drama, excitement, and superstition. Whoever seeks to convey the truth must also employ the necessary tools of storytelling, drama, and excitement without succumbing to the weaknesses of superstition. The world is not going to change easily by relying solely on data, statistics, and facts, but no one can underestimate the potential of storytelling in presenting the truth. Storytelling without data and facts represents the rawest form of illusion.

Yoga in its purest form is based on igniting the mind to think beyond conventional boundaries, to find strength in overcoming superstition, to recognise weaknesses in thought processes, and to empower the mind through practices aimed at unswervingly dispelling illusions.

The greatest service that anyone, as a teacher or guide to humanity, can provide is to be wholly and unequivocally truthful.