What is IYIC?

The International Instructor Course (IYIC) is meticulously designed by Malaysian Association Yoga Instructors (MAYI) to give an exclusive insight into the teaching of yoga. Everything you learn, you will learn from scratch. You don’t need prior knowledge of yoga in order to participate. You are never too old or too young to partake in this experience.

IYIC course is approved by the Ministry of Education (MOE)

IYIC is a 3 levels comprehensive course divided into:

For each level, participants will get specialised training on various techniques, which include:

Introduction of Yoga Philosophy

Pranayama (Breathing Techniques)

Teaching Methodologies

Asanas (Postures) – More than 100 Postures Per Level

Anatomy and Physiology

Shatkarma (Cleansing Techniques)

Inner Clarity / Mind Management

Learn Authentic Yoga from the Real Yoga Experts

Dynamic Trainer

The perfection of asanas practice is when you let go ‘perfecting’ and start enjoying the ‘imperfect’ asanas perfectly

Founder of Malaysian Yoga Society

Has 36 years of experience in Yoga, continue 16 years track record of full-time instructing commitment and is one of the world’s leading exponents of yoga


Prior to MAYI, I’ve always treated Yoga like just another exercise program. During the courses such as IYIC and Yoga Therapy, the instructors are sharing the knowledge of Yoga instead of just giving out instructions on how to do the asanas. This has helped me to really appreciate the wholesomeness of this ancient proven art. I will always be grateful to MAYI and my instructors for opening my eyes to what Yoga really can be, to me as a practitioner and how I can in turn share this treasure with my students. On the practical side, the instructor courses have really equipped me with what I need to teach with confidence and yet grounded appreciation that Yoga is for everyone where we learn to respect and nurture our physical, mental and emotional health.

Zida Zainal

My journey into yoga started when I was in my teens; it was my cousin who first introduced me to the Surya Namaskar. When I stepped into the university, I met a lovely undergraduate, Ms Mani, who spokes to me at length about the art of meditation and enriched my curiosity by teaching me some ‘asanas’. However, due to immaturity and lack of understanding, I reckon, I inadvertently let it slip away.

It was not until I met my Guru, Master Mani (the founder of MAYI) when my whole perception about this ancient practice changed and began to etch in my mind. This happened more than a decade ago when I enrolled in the Instructor’s course at MAYI; that was certainly a milestone in my life. The teachings were so explicit and structured, and in quest of wanting more, I embarked on many certificate courses MAYI had to offer from the Pregnancy Instructor’s course, to Dharana, Dhyana, and also the Yoga Therapy and Pranayama courses. No words can describe how I felt then and how I feel now. To family and friends, I may have appeared more knowledgeable, but on the inside, I could feel a radical transformations taking place within the self – I was becoming more intuitive, more mindful and much calmer.

Fast-forward, the burning desire to share this bountiful knowledge crept in, so, I started not only teaching yoga, but also conducting workshops and teacher-training courses at MAYI. All these endeavors have made me nothing but simply a better person in demeanor.

As a yoga instructor/therapist, I find myself truly blessed because I am not only able to instruct a physical class, but also impart the art of self-healing and self-care to all those who need it. Whenever I get a call or a message from a student who tells me that they managed to heal themselves through the yogic practices that I have shared with them, a sense of euphoria penetrates deep within me.

As a shishya (pupil), I still continue with my own sadhana, and study kriya under the tutelage of my benevolent Guru. It is my dream to walk in my Guru’s path in spreading the invaluable benefits to all and sundry who is in appreciation of this ancient philosophy. Lastly, I cannot thank my Guru and MAYI enough for showing me the path in managing my health issues, and enriching me with a science which is believed to have started at the very dawn of civilization. Namaskar.

Chandra Nanthakumar

I enrolled for the MAYI IYIC level 1 to 3 from end of 2019 to 2021 and encourage anyone who is interested to become a yoga instructor or to learn more about yoga asanas, pranayama and the 8 limbs of yoga to start the course. I particularly like the organized structure of the courses, the 3 different levels, beginners, intermediate and advanced work cohesively to help the student build the blocks of knowledge and practical teaching.

As the foundation is laid in level 1, build in level 2 and expanded and refined in level 2 and 3 we become more confident in learning how to teach with the knowledge we’ve acquired and honed. This is a practical course for anyone who is serious about teaching yoga as you are required to attend MAYI classes for 40 hours in each level and teach 27 hours for each level as well as workshops compulsory with the course.

With that much of experience in practicing both as a student, and teacher, you walk away being a competent and confident yoga instructor. Much respect and appreciation to MAYI IYIC teachers for level 1,2, and 3 – Surya for her kind, encouraging and concise guidance, Master Mani for great inspiration with his witty, humorous way of imparting knowledge.

Esther Lee Zuline

I started my journey at MAYI with an intention of only doing a Beginner and Pranayama instructor course, I ended up completing the Intermediate and Advance Instructor course. The whole experience felt so natural and easy from the syllabus to the instructors teaching methods.

We worked in small groups and were able to explore and grow from different scenarios together. The syllabus was very well-thought-out and the instructors were always open to discuss and update according to new situations even sharing past experiences. We had a lot of great possibilities to practice our teachings at the MAYI studios and at various events which also help in building confidence in the teaching.

Since being certified I have been teaching regularly in Sweden and have had a wonderful feedback in how my classes are laid out. I have been blessed to have had an ongoing class during this pandemic and even have my weekly class broadcasted live across the country. I am happy to have done my instructor courses with MAYI and looking forward to being able to return and complete my Meditation Instructor course soon!


The comprehensive teaching of IYIC has not only expanded my knowledge in yoga but also equipped me with the necessary technical and interpersonal skills in teaching it as well. I feel stronger physically, and more centered. The unique hands-on approach of IYIC has certainly boosted my self-confidence and my speaking skills. I feel so happy that now I can earn extra income by conducting yoga classes on a part-time basis, which is as good as the income in my full-time job!

Michelle Choong

I attended the 5 days intensive IYIC under the guidance of Master Manisekaran and discovered a whole new meaning to the word YOGA. On the 5th day, when we were evaluated on our abilities to convey the yoga teachings, I noted a new me emerging from within. A voice that reminded me of the importance of conveying the yogic teachings correctly and congruently, was so prominent in my head.

Many lives can be transformed and lived in the most natural and positive way if done correctly. Master Manisekaran has exhibited the compassion that seems to come from the depth of understanding that one should be allowed to celebrate one’s own unique ability, while subtly guiding to harness their positive energies towards their higher evolution and transmutation. I see MAYI Yoga Academy as an organization rising from the same depth that Master Manisekaran’s evolution has come about. Today, I have completed Self Mastery (Kriya Yoga) and Super Yoga Kids Instructors Course and have been conducting regular yoga sessions in schools (as a karma yoga project), sharing the holistic science of yoga with my corporate clients, friends, and family, amounting to more joy and satisfaction!

K. Saravana Sealan

Before joining IYIC, I had been attending yoga classes at a renowned fitness center for several years. I realise now that what we were taught was purely physical.

Completing the foundation level of IYIC has given me a totally new perspective of what yoga really is. It’s the first time I have experienced breath awareness and am becoming more sensitive to my own internal circulation and energy flow. It feels great!

Julie Hoh

Signing up for IYIC was like a “retirement plan” for me and I didn’t plan on starting to teach even after I graduated as I was quite comfortable with my full-time job. But with encouragement from Master Mani and positive support from my classmates, I plucked up the courage to start teaching part-time, and have never looked back. Teaching a yoga class after a long hectic day at work brings personal balance. I consider it my overall self-development as there is continued learning for me as well, while I share with my yoga class students.

Alice Lee

Learning the proper way of yoga practice in IYIC helped the healing of my knee, which was injured during gymnastics. My muscles have also been strengthened by the right techniques. I have started teaching children’s yoga classes after graduating from Super Yoga Kids Instructors Course.

It’s very different from teaching gymnastics as it has elements of fun while I help the children to concentrate while learning. Teaching them to understand how the yoga postures work and self-awareness makes it really interesting.

Daphne Chin

First met Master Mani when I invited him to conduct a charity event in SJKT Pulau Carey, back in April 2011. It was early in the morning and together with his group of volunteers, they braced it through with us to travel deep inside the estates to teach the kids yoga.

That was the first time I’ve ever met a yoga Master personally, and through yoga has never attracted me; I was awestruck looking at how Master managed to calm the kids for the first minute, cheer the kids in the second minute and ‘bend’ them in the third minute.

I didn’t meet him again until exactly a year later. I personally wanted to learn yoga, after struggling for a couple of months at home without a ‘guru’. I contacted the ever graceful Saandhi and showed interest to enroll in International Yoga Instructor Course. I could not afford the full fees because I was saving up money to go on a volunteering mission, but instead of waving me away, they embraced me with open arms.

I learned the way to integrate asanas with breathing, Pranayama, cleansing techniques, meditation, mudras, and most importantly, I discovered myself. When I came in I just wanted to learn asanas the right way, now I’ve naturally changed my characteristics and have developed deep affection towards Master and the way he teaches. It also helped me look at yoga, not as a physical exercise, but much deeper than that.

I’m a fun loving guy and grew up in a crime infested notorious area, where we do unwanted things to get the attention of the masses. Master knew perfectly how to handle people like me in a class and taught me the value of life, which for me was above the asanas we learned. It puzzles me though how could someone like him that people give so much attention to remain rooted to the ground with so much humility and humbleness.

In short, IYIC taught me the perfect techniques to teach, learn and embrace Yoga. This invaluable lessons and experience can never be explained through words, and I thank my destiny that it has allowed me to meet the people in MAYI Yoga Academy and Master Mani.

SK Durai

After joining the weekly yoga foundation classes, I decided to go further with IYIC. I realise now how IYIC is much more than physical exercise. It is a deep and rich science that requires knowledge and patience.

Anabelle Presa

What I really liked about IYIC is that we were taught how to penetrate asana deeper,understanding how to go beyond our ” body memory” limitations and even touched on own personality development of sort. We learned to be non-judgmental and compassionate when teaching. At the completion of the course, we took home priceless knowledge and some wonderful friendship.

Ranjini Arumugam

Acquiring ancient wisdom through a master yoga teacher is the best investment in one’s life. It’s important for us to be prepared by understanding the true benefits of yoga as we do not know when we will need it. I have been teaching yoga classes for 2 years and it speaks volume When you are certified! And the learning doesn’t end here… I have now also completed my Yoga Therapist Certification at Yoga franchise.

Lim P-Tong

The IYIC has taught me that yoga is a mind-body science. It has helped me manage my emotions, deepen my self-understanding, enhance my leadership skills and guided me to a more disciplined lifestyle. It has also given me a skin that is glowing and radiant! Teaching full time and running a yoga centre is a very meaningful experience for me.

Neha Koh

I started to learn yoga when I was 13 and it was my mom who encouraged me to join the Super Yoga Kids program. Initially, I joined because of my mother but as the months went by, I began to enjoy seeing my own progress with the asanas (yoga postures). Besides having a better knowledge of my strength and flexibility, I have also become calmer through yoga.

After graduating from Super Yoga Kids, I continued my yoga training with Master Mani and learned Kriya Yoga, which to me are mental practices that highly benefit disciplined individuals. I have also since completed the IYIC Level 1. The good news is I’ll be teaching yoga next semester. Our yoga style is so much different than the Health Center Coordinator wants me to teach the yoga classes. Those in the camps are more like fitness classes. Thank you, mom, for sending me to yoga classes. This job can really beef up my resume and help me make some friends as well.

Nigel, Now Attending Drake University At Des Moines, USA

Yoga is very popular and common in Australia with many different teaching styles in the market. It is very encouraging that after attending a class, many students have asked me about my teaching style and where I received my training. They are pleasantly surprised to find out that I was trained in Malaysia and not in India.

Australia is also very stringent about having local qualifications and certifications. I have taught at 6 different community centres, a physiotherapy clinic, a secondary school, the Taekwando squad for Victoria, private classes at Isika Spa at Crown Metropole Hotel, Lululemon Stores and workplace yoga at various corporations including the Institute of Neuroscience at Melbourne University as well as my own private and group classes. I have never encountered any issue with my IYIC qualification. I have now been happily teaching and practising yoga in Melbourne for the past 4 years.

I am eternally grounded with gratitude for all the training I have received from Master Mani and the trainers of IYIC. Every time I return to Malaysia, I look forward to attending as many classes as I can with Master Mani- for inspiration, guidance and to evolve my teaching skills.

Nalini Singam (Australia)

International Yoga Instructor Course (IYIC) is very practical and has made me more aware of many aspects of my mind and body. We were encouraged to practice cleansing, asanas and breathing and now it has become part of my daily routine with amazing results. I am gravitating naturally to healthier lifestyle options and am motivated to impart and share the knowledge gained with others.

Priya Tee

4 reasons to choose IYIC

Trusted Foundation

Graduating from MAYI will prepare you with the necessary skills and certification to teach yoga. We are recognized by all legitimate world bodies. Moreover, we are the ONLY institute:

  • Registered with the Ministry of Education (Damansara Utama)
  • Endorsed by the Malaysia Yoga Society (MYS)
  • Certified by the Malaysian Association of Yoga Instructors
  • Certified Training Centre by the Ministry of Human Resources

Profound Personal Growth

Powerful inner discovery- know your true potential and expand your horizons

  • Be dynamic- in action and thought. Have the ability to think out of the box
  • Excellent communication skills - present yourself and your ideas astoundingly
  • Start earning the way you want to – fun environment, rewarding career and great income
  • Feel more energetic- increase your endurance and flexibility; move as your body desires

Lifetime Knowledge

Become aware of the inner structure of your body - Know how you can use asanas to prevent diseases

  • Be able to help friends and students with medical conditions
  • Expand your consciousness- embody the combination of wisdom and compassion
  • Engage in wide-ranging aspects and levels of yoga- deepen your prospects in yoga
  • Understanding of Yoga, the ancient way- the union of body, mind and soul

Confident Teaching Skills

  • Receive personal coaching for precision and accuracy in practice
  • Have the hands-on approach (up to 450 hrs practical sessions) - allow your teaching to initiate from your core experience
  • Enjoy group practice teaching and discover your own personal teaching style
  • Be well equipped to teach anyone from any group, anywhere
  • Understand corporate business practices and yoga ethics- Become a professional instructor.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is IYIC legally certified by the Malaysian government?

Yes. MAYI Yoga Academy with registration no: B3K 8805 is legally registered under Kementerian Pendidikan Malaysia, or the Ministry of Education. If you are committed to teaching, please ensures you receive certifications from Ministry of Education approved sources to maintain the standardization and quality of all teachings including yoga.

As per the Education Act 1996 (Act 550):

Section 77: (1) No private educational institution shall conduct any course of study or training programme jointly, in an association, affiliation or collaboration or otherwise, with a university or institution of higher education or other educational institution or organisation within or outside Malaysia, except with the approval in writing of the Minister.

Section 79: All educational institutions to be registered

Section 103: Prohibition to teach
(1) Subject to subsection
(2) no person shall teach in an educational institution unless he is registered as a teacher under this Act.

Are you internationally recognised?

Yes. We are recognised by genuine centres, studio owners and all legally registered institutions. If one needs authentication, we can give supportive letters to verify their applications anywhere in the world. Our graduates are teaching in almost all the countries throughout the world.

Does MAYI Yoga Academy give me classes to teach after I complete the IYIC?

Yes. It is part of the learning commitment stated in the student’s card.

I've been practising yoga for many years, can I be exempted from taking IYIC level 1?

Teaching yoga and practising yoga are worlds apart. IYIC level 1 offers the foundation for all the techniques and knowledge that would help you to confidently manage your classes in the future.

What are the other skills which could add value to my yoga teaching?

Upon completion of IYIC, you may want to pursue other specialised yoga teaching techniques such as Pranayama, Dhyana, Kids Yoga, Pregnancy Yoga, Yoga Therapy, Partner Yoga with Precision & Alignment, and Dance Yoga. The knowledge and skills offered in these courses will definitely add value to your teaching. The practices of Kundalini Kriya Yoga also serves as a great boon for personal development.

My body is not flexible, there are some postures that I can't do. Does this mean I won't be able to graduate from IYIC? How can I teach if I myself can't perform the asanas?

You will learn to improve your teaching skills and to teach confidently. In IYIC level 2, you will learn regression techniques for each asana (posture); and in IYIC level 3, you will learn both regression and progression techniques for each asana. Your flexibility will improve as you continue to practise, and you will be able to perform the advanced or difficult asanas with ease. Above all, you will be equipped with effective methods to manage your classes.

Who are the trainers for these courses?

All instructors are professionally trained and have undergone extensive training under strict guidelines. As certified graduates with valid teaching experience, they are well-versed with the teaching methods.

How much does a yoga instructor earn?

Some may teach for charity, some may teach for experience, but if one is committed to teaching, then payment may vary significantly. How much therefore is quite subjective as some earn quite a lot as full-time instructors or even as part-time instructors.

Is there any world body or authority governing yoga certification anywhere in the world?

No. there isn’t, though some organisations may claim to be. The only legal governing body is the Education Ministry of a country. If a certificate does not carry this approval, then it may not be valid. For example in the US, its Department of Education had sent “Cease and Desist” notices to yoga centres which were certified by a so-called US yoga certifying body. The certificate were found to be ‘not valid’ because they were not recognised by the government.

Live your DREAMS!

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Before you enroll, remember to choose the type of classes that suit your schedule the most. You can choose Intensive (5 days), Semi-intensive (once a week - 6 hours for 5 weeks) or Part-time (once a week - 2.5 hours for 12 weeks).