MAYI Yoga Academy Membership, Classes, Courses and Workshop Terms & Conditions


  • All applicants must be over the age of 18 years and proof of age must be produced on demand.
  • Membership cards remain the property of the MAYI Yoga Academy and Membership card must be presented upon request.
  • Full fees must be made in advanced to be eligible for all Membership, Classes, Courses and Workshop.


  • All applicants must declare any health issues in particularly (but not by way of limitation) and physical issues which may affect his/her ability to safely participate in classes.
  • All members must declare their health condition in the MAYI YOGA ACADEMY registration form.


  • We offer a 10 days right to cancel period (cooling off period). If, within 10 working days of payment of your joining fee, you are not entirely happy that you have made the right decision, we will refund your money after taking into consideration of management fee, cancellation fee material and attendance fee. Simply put it in writing via email or letter within 10 working days and we will refund your money.
  • Cancellation for of Membership, Classes, Courses and Workshop booking is to be submitted 3 days prior. In event of a no-show, member is considered to have taken the class and class count will be deducted accordingly.
  • If during the course of Membership, Classes, Courses and Workshop a Member wishes to terminate their Membership they can submit notice of termination in writing to MAYI Yoga Academy. MAYI Yoga Academy is under absolutely no obligation to make a refund of any proportion of the joining fee but will consider each applicant upon its merit and may (entirely at its discretion) make an appropriate refund.
    • No refund will be given for cancellation of Membership, Classes, Courses and Workshop after the cooling off period.
    • Membership, Classes, Courses and Workshop transfer ship is subject to terms & conditions.
    • Suspension of Membership, Classes, Courses and Workshop is allowed due to valid reason.

Rules & Regulations

  • Member’s Attendance or Instructors Card must be presented and acknowledged when attending classes. Members/ Students who fail to present Member’s attendance card could be charged the regular fee.
  • Members/ Students are to report the loss of the Member’s Attendance Card to the Management immediately. Members / Students will be charged RM50 for the replacement of the Member’s Attendance Card.
  • Unauthorised entry will not be tolerated. Unauthorised entry includes but is not limited to: sharing passes, allowing a non-member unpaid entry, entry by emergency exits, and use of invalid/expired membership cards. Unauthorised entry represents theft, trespass and breach of MAYI Yoga Academy regulations.
  • Appropriate attire to be worn at all times and shirts must stay on.
  • Offensive language, abuse of instructors, staff or other facility members, will not be tolerated and offenders will be asked to leave the premises.
  • Members are always to follow the instructions of MAYI Yoga Academy instructors.
  • Digital recordings are not allowed in the centre and during classes.
  • No alcohol consumption is permitted. Members who appear intoxicated will be refused entry.
  • Any member caught stealing will have their membership terminated, will not be allowed back on the premises, and referred to the appropriate authorities.
  • The centre shall not be held responsible for the personal belongings of the members or visitors.
  • Management reserves the right to change rules, terms and conditions of the of Membership, Classes, Courses and Workshop without prior notice.
  • The Management reserve the right to refuse entry at all times and to terminate of Membership, Classes, Courses and Workshop with immediate effect.
  • Members expelled will forfeit all privileged of membership.
  • Any complaints unresolved at the time of incident will be referred to and dealt with by the General Manager.
  • The centre shall be entitled to make alterations, carry out repairs or maintenance without prior notice, though every consideration will be made to minimise inconvenience.
  • MAYI Yoga Academy reserves the right at all times to suspend or expel Members or to prevent for any reason any Member from participating in any classes, courses, workshops.
  • MAYI Yoga Academy reserves the right to refuse of Membership, Classes, Courses and Workshop to prospective Members without giving a reason and further reserves the right to refuse a refund to Members who terminate their of Membership, Classes, Courses and Workshop early.
  • MAYI Yoga Academy will not be responsible for the loss or damage of the Member’s Attendance Card.
  • MAYI Yoga Academy may alter these Terms & Conditions without prior notice to existing Members but existing Members will then be provided with copies of any such alterations.