World Yoga Movement

The World Yoga Movement.Org will function as a world body that provides information and resources to understand yoga as it was originally taught and practiced. All volunteers, practitioners, instructors, yoga centres and yoga organisations will be registered under the registry. Volunteers will be organising and coordinating the World Yoga Movement.Org activities, events and programmes and also running the whole organisation. Hence, we invite service-minded individuals to work with us in bringing this highly beneficial ancient art to the whole of humanity.

Welcome message from Master

This is a programme initiated by the – an online movement that has been formed to spearhead the growing yoga consciousness worldwide, with the awareness to keep it to the pure and original teachings, and in the way all the asana and practices should be: sthiram (steady) and sukham (comfortable).

We will be creating a series of hatha-inspired flows to accommodate beginner-, intermediate- and advanced-level yoga practices. Surya namaskar is the most popular flow and we have already pioneered the pawanmuktasana series. We will be introducing other flows, but with breath synchronised.

All those who participate will be the pioneer members of the – The World Yoga Organisation.

I would like to invite all Level 3 International Yoga Instructor Course (IYIC) instructors to join me in this journey. The programme will be conducted on the dates we have reserved and is open to IYIC Level 3 graduates and those attending it currently or Level 2 going to Level 3 in the future. The duration of the session is 3 hours.


Why join us?

Be a pioneer in this movement by becoming one of the originators of the Hatha Yoga sequencing project, which is going to take the world of exercise by storm.

Fellowship Programme:

The fellowship is RM20 per person per day. Training & talks on it are for more than 2 hours per session, which involves pure practices and brainstorming, with Master Mani personally present and guiding.

Note: This programme is only for MAYI IYIC students. For ICE graduates – RM15 only. Only limited places are available. Time: 4PM-7PM (3 hours)

Session 1 Session 2 Session 3 Session 4 Session 5 Session 6
16th July 2022 13th August 2022 3rd September 2022 10th September 2022 1st October 2022 8th October 2022

How to join?

To register, payment can be made to:
Malaysian Association of Yoga Instructors

CIMB Bank Berhad

Kindly send a copy of your payment slip to any one of the numbers below:
012-267 9621 (Sumi)
012-633 9144 (Kasturi)
012-323 9010 (Mei Wan)
010-288 0169 (Jessica)

Important: All those who confirm will need to prepay for 6 months this year to Malaysian Association of Yoga Instructors. For more information, please visit or WhatsApp to 010-2880169