What is IYCC?

Intake: 25th August 2024

The IYCC course us meticulously designed by the Malaysian Association Yoga Instructors (MAYI) to give an exclusive insight into the teaching of yoga. For each level, participants will get specialist training on various techniques, which include:

  • Introduction to Yoga Philosophy
  • Pranayama
  • Teaching Methodologies
  • Asanas (Postures)
  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Shatkarma
  • Inner Clarity / Mind Management

FREE 24 Kriya practical sessions

An ancient scientific and time-tested technology to harmonize naturally occurring energies within the human framework. Restore your original strength & resiliency.
21st July 2024

  • Learn the 20 Kundalini Kriya yoga techniques
  • Important Pranayama (breathing techniques)
  • Yoga Meditation techniques


For more information, please contact:

Bangsar / Selayang: 012-2679 621
Subang: 012-633 9144
Damansara Utama: 019-3159 735
Klang: 012-210 9110
Brickfields: 010-247 1296

Yogic Detox

Date: To be announced

Among the yogic cleansing techniques, Shankaprakshalana is one of the most powerful in removing toxins and parasites from the body. This method is holistic, safe, and natural. Come immerse yourself in this life-changing experience now. Call 03-2260 5322 / 03-2282 4980.


  • Cleanses the body internally, clearing the toxins from the alimentary canal.
  • Tones the internal organs like the liver, kidney, digestive organs, and glands.
  • Purification of blood by the reduction of excessive mucus.
  • Maintains the metabolism and strengthens the immune system.
  • Rejuvenates the body physically as well as mentally.
  • Decreases appetite and helps burn extra calories. Therefore it tones the body and reduces body weight.
  • Raises the energy level by stimulating the prana flow aligning the body chakras.

Learn to control your anger

Upcoming intake: To be announced

Excessive anger destroys relationships, careers, health, and inner peace. Packed with practical tips, this workshop will help you recognize anger triggers, choose effective alternatives, and constructively channel your energy.


  • Reduce anger outbursts.
  • Improve physical health.
  • Connect with your loved ones.
  • Empower you to take control of your life.

Sign up now and get follow-up sessions: 4 x breath and mind classes.

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Malaysian Association of Yoga Instructors (MAYI) is a non-governmental organisation, registered under the Societies Act of Malaysia. The main aim of this neutral association is to unite all Malaysian yoga instructors to a common understanding of yoga by acting as a central body of standardisation for yoga teaching techniques as well as updating and upgrading instructor members through a variety of yoga workshops and courses. Courses include internationally recognised certification for new and existing instructors, as well as opportunities for practical training. Website: www.mayi.org.my

Malaysian Yoga Society

National Association of
Private Education Institutions, Malaysia.

Human Resources Development Fund,
Ministry of Human Resources, Malaysia.

Registered with Ministry of Education under Pusat Latihan Yoga Jasmani.
(Damansara Utama)




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Registered with Ministry of Human Resources
Endorsed by Malaysian Yoga Society
Certified by Malaysian Association of Yoga Instructors
Registered Training Provider with Human Resources Development Fund
Registered with Ministry of Human Resources
Endorsed by Malaysian Yoga Society
Certified by Malaysian Association of Yoga Instructors
Registered Training Provider with Human Resources Development Fund

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