What is IYIC?

The International Instructor Course (IYIC) is meticulously designed by Malaysian Association Yoga Instructors (MAYI) to give an exclusive insight into the teaching of yoga. Everything you learn, you will learn from scratch. You don’t need prior knowledge of yoga in order to participate. You are never too old or too young to partake in this experience.

IYIC course is approved by the Ministry of Education (MOE)

IYIC is a 3 levels comprehensive course divided into:

For each level, participants will get specialised training on various techniques, which include:

Introduction of Yoga Philosophy

Pranayama (Breathing Techniques)

Teaching Methodologies

Asanas (Postures) – More than 100 Postures Per Level

Anatomy and Physiology

Shatkarma (Cleansing Techniques)

Inner Clarity / Mind Management

Learn Authentic Yoga from the Real Yoga Experts

Dynamic Trainer

The perfection of asanas practice is when you let go ‘perfecting’ and start enjoying the ‘imperfect’ asanas perfectly

Founder of Malaysian Yoga Society

Has 36 years of experience in Yoga, continue 16 years track record of full-time instructing commitment and is one of the world’s leading exponents of yoga


4 reasons to choose IYIC

Trusted Foundation

Graduating from MAYI will prepare you with the necessary skills and certification to teach yoga. We are recognized by all legitimate world bodies. Moreover, we are the ONLY institute:

  • Registered with the Ministry of Education
  • Endorsed by the Malaysia Yoga Society (MYS)
  • Certified by the Malaysian Association of Yoga Instructors
  • Certified Training Centre by the Ministry of Human Resources

Profound Personal Growth

Powerful inner discovery- know your true potential and expand your horizons

  • Be dynamic- in action and thought. Have the ability to think out of the box
  • Excellent communication skills - present yourself and your ideas astoundingly
  • Start earning the way you want to – fun environment, rewarding career and great income
  • Feel more energetic- increase your endurance and flexibility; move as your body desires

Lifetime Knowledge

Become aware of the inner structure of your body - Know how you can use asanas to prevent diseases

  • Be able to help friends and students with medical conditions
  • Expand your consciousness- embody the combination of wisdom and compassion
  • Engage in wide-ranging aspects and levels of yoga- deepen your prospects in yoga
  • Understanding of Yoga, the ancient way- the union of body, mind and soul

Confident Teaching Skills

  • Receive personal coaching for precision and accuracy in practice
  • Have the hands-on approach (up to 450 hrs practical sessions) - allow your teaching to initiate from your core experience
  • Enjoy group practice teaching and discover your own personal teaching style
  • Be well equipped to teach anyone from any group, anywhere
  • Understand corporate business practices and yoga ethics- Become a professional instructor.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is IYIC legally certified by the Malaysian government?

Yes. MAYI Yoga Academy with registration no: B3K 8805 is legally registered under Kementerian Pendidikan Malaysia, or the Ministry of Education. If you are committed to teaching, please ensures you receive certifications from Ministry of Education approved sources to maintain the standardization and quality of all teachings including yoga. As per the Education Act 1996 (Act 550):

Section 77: (1) No private educational institution shall conduct any course of study or training programme jointly, in an association, affiliation or collaboration or otherwise, with a university or institution of higher education or other educational institution or organisation within or outside Malaysia, except with the approval in writing of the Minister. Part VIII: REGISTRATION OF EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS

Section 79: All educational institutions to be registered Part IX: REGISTRATION OF TEACHERS

Section 103: Prohibition to teach
(1) Subject to subsection
(2) no person shall teach in an educational institution unless he is registered as a teacher under this Act.

Are you internationally recognised?

Yes. We are recognised by genuine centres, studio owners and all legally registered institutions. If one needs authentication, we can give supportive letters to verify their applications anywhere in the world. Our graduates are teaching in almost all the countries throughout the world.

Does MAYI Yoga Academy give me classes to teach after I complete the IYIC?

Yes. It is part of the learning commitment stated in the student’s card.

I've been practising yoga for many years, can I be exempted from taking IYIC level 1?

Teaching yoga and practising yoga are worlds apart. IYIC level 1 offers the foundation for all the techniques and knowledge that would help you to confidently manage your classes in the future.

What are the other skills which could add value to my yoga teaching?

Upon completion of IYIC, you may want to pursue other specialised yoga teaching techniques such as Pranayama, Dhyana, Kids Yoga, Pregnancy Yoga, Yoga Therapy, Partner Yoga with Precision & Alignment, and Dance Yoga. The knowledge and skills offered in these courses will definitely add value to your teaching. The practices of Kundalini Kriya Yoga also serves as a great boon for personal development.

My body is not flexible, there are some postures that I can't do. Does this mean I won't be able to graduate from IYIC? How can I teach if I myself can't perform the asanas?

You will learn to improve your teaching skills and to teach confidently. In IYIC level 2, you will learn regression techniques for each asana (posture); and in IYIC level 3, you will learn both regression and progression techniques for each asana. Your flexibility will improve as you continue to practise, and you will be able to perform the advanced or difficult asanas with ease. Above all, you will be equipped with effective methods to manage your classes.

Who are the trainers for these courses?

All instructors are professionally trained and have undergone extensive training under strict guidelines. As certified graduates with valid teaching experience, they are well-versed with the teaching methods.

How much does a yoga instructor earn?

Some may teach for charity, some may teach for experience, but if one is committed to teaching, then payment may vary significantly. How much therefore is quite subjective as some earn quite a lot as full-time instructors or even as part-time instructors.

Is there any world body or authority governing yoga certification anywhere in the world?

No. there isn’t, though some organisations may claim to be. The only legal governing body is the Education Ministry of a country. If a certificate does not carry this approval, then it may not be valid. For example in the US, its Department of Education had sent “Cease and Desist” notices to yoga centres which were certified by a so-called US yoga certifying body. The certificate were found to be ‘not valid’ because they were not recognised by the government.

Live your DREAMS!

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Before you enroll, remember to choose the type of classes that suit your schedule the most. You can choose Intensive (5 days), Semi-intensive (once a week - 6 hours for 5 weeks) or Part-time (once a week - 2.5 hours for 12 weeks).