Are you looking for a short and enticing yoga workshop? Come participate in our fleet of workshops, lined to cater to your everyday needs.  Choose from Healing Series, Help others series, Understanding Anatomy & Physiology, Rejuvenation, Slim Yoga, Detox etc …


Manipuraka Awakening & Universal Healing Energy (Spontaneous Physical Movements )

A workshop that awakenes the inner energy centres (chakras) and channels (nadis) within your body.
Feel energised and enhance your overall well being.
Discover your innate ability to heal yourself and others through Manipuraka. Read more...


Urdhva Retas & Anti Aging ( Reproductive Health )

A workshop for perfect health and youthfulness by harnessing the most powerful energy in humankind and withstand the ravages of aging. Read more...


Jala Neti Workshop

The nasal passage is equivalent a gateway of life for the human body. As such it is important for us to keep the nasal passage clean for both nostrils to function in a balanced condition. Jala Neti is a traditional yet functional technique that can be practiced by everyone be it a yoga practitioner or otherwise. Read more...


Anatomy & Physiology - the Body from Within

Understand the basic anatomy and physiology of the human system along with the inner works of bodily movements.
Discover what happened when we bend, flex and stretch our body during yoga sessions, and how simple understanding and awareness of the body system can elevate our well-being. Read more...


Manage the Emotion of Anger

Excessive anger destroys relationships, careers, health, and inner peace.
It saps the joy of living, leaves you feeling ashamed and foolish, and it turns everyday challenges into explosive battlegrounds.
Take control and manage your anger so that you and those around you can enjoy a calmer, more peaceful, more pleasant existence. Read more...


Herbs that Heal - Natural Remedies at Your Fingertips

This is an amazing workshop which will put all participants in an instant position to immediately roll out workable prescriptions from the household kitchen itself! Right after the workshop you can become a healer in your own true rights!
Finding instant solutions to cuts and bruises; flu and fever; and even major ailments! Read more...


Introduction to Chakras - the Wheels of Life

Chakras correspond to vital points in the physical body i.e. major plexuses of orteries, veins and nerves, and have been described as metaphysical counter parts to the endocrine glands.
Learn about the chakras and how we can achieve a total balance through the understanding of these magnificent energy centres. Read more...


Anti-Aging – the Bodyworks of Inner Rejuvenation

As the years go by, there are symptoms that tell us that we are not as young as we would like to believe we are – pains and aches, a decrease in stamina, slower metabolism, deteriorating skin appearance, etc. These symptoms are enough to send many looking for the secret of eternal youth. Read more...

Partner with Precision – Movements with Awareness

The practice of yoga asanas are well known for their health benefits - Partner with Precision workshop holds true to this claim with some added perks thrown in. This workshop enables the participants to heighten the level of awareness on their own individual body as well as developing sensitivity and respect towards other people. Simply a great way to deepen the yoga asanas which we sometimes have difficulty attempting. 



Communicate Better Through the Fine Art of Small Talk

Do you sit nervously through job interviews waiting for the other person to speak or have you been passed over for a promotion and you are not sure why, or just tongue tied in front of your boss ?

Help is on the way with the Fine Art of Small Talk.
Turn every conversation into an opportunity for success ! Read more...


Short Course on Effective Sleep

Let's wake up to More Energy and Time to Optimize Our Lives.
Research shows we sleep a third of our lives away.

Imagine how much more we could accomplish if we can reduce half that amount of time spent sleeping... Read more...


Ashtanga Yoga Workshop - Primary Series

This course provides the student with the basic elements of ashtanga yoga, to start a journey towards a healthier, and a more peaceful and conscious lifestyle. Read more...

Diabetes Awareness Programme

Yoga with its root tailing back to ancient wisdom easily offers management of metabolic diseases such as Diabetes.

Through different components of yoga, many diabetics have been able to live a healthier life! Read more...

Spinal Health Awareness Programme

Scientific studies have suggested that undue strain and stress due to our lifestyles may lead to early onset arthritis and decreased lung capacity. Studies show that almost 90% of common population silently suffers from symptoms of poor spinal postures. Regain the health of your spine today! Read more....

Respiratory Health Awareness Programme

Yogic philosophy states that life is in between two breaths. Diseases bubbling as a result of an unhealthy respiratory tract starting from the nose down to the lungs contributes to sub-optimal breathing which leads to inefficient cellular respiration. Read more...