Yoga Mail

By Roy

We live in a world of diversity, amidst myriads of experiences life presents us. We can always improve our capabilities to manage ourselves. This is the inherent potential in every one of us. This is the science of the mind and body.

An introduction to the foundation would be to understand the integral link between our minds and physical bodies. This essential link is our breath. Everyone hopes to enjoy a long, active and dynamic life free from disease, and be immune to the damaging effects of nervous stress and tensions. In this light, the science of mind and body has something unique to offer and therefore it is most important that everyone knows and practices certain mind-body exercise, inclusive of breathing techniques, on a daily basis. “Breathing exercises” are now recognised by scientists throughout the world as a means of invigorating, enhancing and accelerating the revitalising processes in the body.

Real Cause, Real Cure

In the physical body, the various organs and systems have to carry out their own functions, but there should be complete coordination between them. If any of the organs or systems of the body are not able to coordinate with each other, it means that not one, but a combination of the systems or organs becomes unbalanced. Thus, in any kind of illness, whether physical or mental, a few or many systems are out of coordination.

On the mental plane, worries, fears, anxieties and tensions that we experience in daily life, all create an accumulation in the subconscious mind. To expel these toxins and to rid ourselves of tension, we can utilise a systematic practice of mind-body exercise and relaxation.

The physical and mental diseases, which human beings are suffering from, are nothing but a state of disharmony in the various systems.

In order to alleviate them, we will have to take a new look at our mind-body relationship and enlarge the dimension of modern medical science. We will have to redefine the body, the classification of disease and the system of diagnosis. As soon as modern science is able to redefine the body as it is, and correlate the state of the body with the state of mind and the situations of life, we can manage our lives more efficiently.

We, at Mind Body Technologies, have very simple and practical solutions. If the body can create imbalances within itself then it also has the ability to get out of that state of imbalance. There are two aspects to it. When a state of imbalance is experienced by the body, then what do we do? We immediately look for external help. If there is a headache we take Panadols, for example. We look outside to bring balance in the internal structure, with the help of a pill or some other method.

However, according to mind-body science, we should look inside ourselves and not outside. If we have a headache, we do one or two practices of mind-body exercises, which balance the system, and the headache is relieved. The imbalance is rectified and relief is felt. So, in a sense, we can say mind-body technologies are practical methods of dealing with oneself in order to experience a state of harmony and balance within the body, mind and total personality.