Yoga Mail

By Master Manisekaran

The art of motivation in yoga is accompanied by living-skills development

Motivation is such a great yet sweet power-giving force in human life, but when it is accompanied by a process of skills-development to continuously enhance oneself in all stages, it becomes all powerful. The effect of motivation without wisdom is only momentary, but with wisdom-based teachings, it lasts a whole lifetime.

Motivation brings spiritual force into life infusing life with clarity and joy. If it is just simple motivation then life will be like a yo-yo — going up and down. When one feels motivated she or he glows with happiness, if not then the tendency is to show tantrums and negativity.

When the art is shared with others, then motivation needs to be projected in a neat, clean and decent manner. Using foul language to give motivation, including via public speaking, defeats the purpose.

Let’s practice daily motivation to keep ourselves centered, and at the same time, allow others to live the way they want to. For me, this is the way to live a self-motivated life.