Yoga Mail

By Master Manisekaran

One is part of the universe and the universe is part of oneself

Yoga is being positive… with thinking, feeling and actions reflecting an evolution towards the magnificence of living. However, yoga also teaches awareness of reality that there is bad food, bad company and bad behaviour — all negatives that need to be realised in order to go back to being positive.

To practitioners, there is a third state. There’s negativity, positivity and centredness. If negative is sad, positive is happy, then being centred is blissful clarity. Yoga talks about being balanced and centred.

It is not practising fanatical spirituality or some form of egoist psychological process that leads to overall growth, but if one embarks on a journey of sincere, humble and truthful seeking, then one will see that in “positivity” is the potential to transcend that state itself — leading to enlightenment.

A state supported by positivity… but beyond it, eventually, a feeling that one is part of the universe and the universe is part of oneself…
I end with this question for you to ponder: “Is the Universe in a state of positivity or what one can call as – a state of absolute centredness ?” Love always and best wishes to all.