Yoga Mail

By Master Manisekaran

Simplicity: This is a magical word! It evokes a good feeling in my heart when I hear it or mention it.

In this world of show and tell, there are some men and women who silently pass through our lives unnoticed. They make remarkable contributions to humanity in many ways – small and big, but since it is in their nature to be simple, these feats remain unnoticed. The results are apparent, but the persons behind these actions are simply not visible.

Yoga has been around since time immemorial, but the founders are not known. They left no notes of their backgrounds, anecdotes of their lives or traces of their footprints in time…

This is because, for the yogis, the cause is bigger than a display of names or specifications. But can anyone deny their immense contributions, which have led so many to enlightenment?

What returns in favour can you do for someone who leads you to enlightenment? Nothing. This is simplicity. Someone leads you to the ultimate goal of life and you can’t even see, know or trace the person’s identity. It is not easy to do this – to be simple, remain incognito, unknown and invisible. It takes tremendous awareness and inner strength to embark on simplicity. It is the traits of the men and women of the past and those who still walk among us unseen, untouched by celebrations and unfathomed by the rest of humanity…. They remain the true heroes of life.