Yoga Mail

By Zu Anjalika Kamis Gunnulfsen

Our life experience is a combination of thoughts, actions and choices. Life sometimes can be a tad challenging than what we expect it to be. When that happens, scaling down will be necessary to make room for only the issues that matter while keeping our sanity intact. Improving our life means committing ourselves to living simply and in harmony; physically, emotionally and mentally. Living at peace with others and making a pact with our environment for a more sustainable living is another part that needs to be looked into. It is also imperative to know our purpose on earth. When that has been established, we can live according to it and get rid of all distractions that hinder us from living the life that we desire.


When it comes to living simply, a couple of things need to be re-assessed and money has got nothing to do with it. What better time than to share these insights with your children. Getting rid of all the stuff you do not need is a first good step towards simplicity. Physical clutter is the by-product of mind clutter and vice-versa. Hence, in order to lead a happier and clutter-free life, declutter. Our physical well-being is so attached to our emotions. Let go of all emotions that have been weighing us down. In this way, we will be able to have clarity of mind to go about in our new pursuit of living simply and consciously. Soon the quality of health will also improve. The expression, ‘healthy mind, healthy body’ is so apt.

Speaking to higher power

No matter what denomination one practises, I have always been an advocate for speaking to the higher power. We are so tiny in this vast universe and most of the time in need of some sort of justification for our existence. This outlet can be both calming and therapeutic. Meditation is one of the best ways to seek internal peace and tranquillity. There is something magical about sitting in a quiet place, concentrating on your breath, and focusing on the present. Check your day-to-day schedule and make sure it is not overloaded with appointments. Scale down if need be; little breathers in between your hectic schedule go a long way.

To give is to live; an important message for our youths. Exhibit compassion to others; only then will our journey towards simplicity and wholesomeness come to light. Our life in this 21st century is filled with distractions. As parents, it will definitely be great if we can all work together to reduce as much distraction as possible; put that phone on silent mode, cut down television time and unplug that computer. Take your children for walks or have some quiet time in the garden or at the park. The idea is to minimise all distractions so that our brain can function better and at its maximum capacity.

Most of our feelings are ruled by subjective thoughts; seek to have objective ones.

Most of the time not having our own thoughts and perspective embroiled in certain matters lead to a higher level of thinking; that in turn, will open up the minds and make the transition to this new mode of living smoother.

Forgive and care

Forgiving others and yourself is one of the most important steps in order to move on totally in life. Forgiveness clears up the path of self-healing which in turn helps absorb in all the goodness that presents itself while in transition. Spending time with those you love and value will never go out of style; it’s actually more rewarding. So pick up that phone and make plans for playdates, dinner, lunch or coffee with those who mean heaps to you. This life is for living so make sure it’s lived and valued mindfully every moment.

Unfortunately, in today’s world, we are all being sucked into the concept of the more things you own, the better you feel. Attaining happiness through the pursuit of things is not sustainable and definitely untrue. One thing is for certain, that’s the more things you own, the more emotions you hold onto. The more the emotions, the harder to manage those feelings. The pursuit and acquiring of things should never be a benchmark for happiness. The euphoria is definitely temporary and should not in any way be mistaken for real happiness.

When worldly possessions and feelings become imbalanced with the internal harmony, the focus is usually lost. Ample time will be spent thinking and doing things which are not relevant to internal growth; which in turn makes life out of balance and complicated.

In this current world, everyone has thoughts that life has got to be big in order to be perceived as successful.

Sadly, that is not true at all. Life needs to touch all the important aspects of quality living to make it even worth the journey. It is so easy to be so overwhelmed with all the thoughts, technology and consumerism-based lifestyle we have now. When that feeling hits us, it will be good to sit down, breathe and reflect. Relax the mind because when it is at ease, we are able to see things in a different perspective and find the path to the great, wholesome life we have always imagined. We will be able to re-evaluate what is important, or what is just there as a distraction.

Look within ourselves and determine the areas we want to improve; all changes start with self. Let go of all that do not serve us any purpose. This action might have some retaliation; so being honest is the best way to go. Parents may want to implement these simple steps for the betterment of themselves and their children:

  • Spend 10 minutes a day, practising mindfulness.
  • Unplug all gadgets when spending private time with the family; make it a habit of at least one hour daily.
  • Take a walk in the nature; do it at least once weekly.
  • Make giving a habit; once a month, drop off some food items at a charity home of your choice.
  • Stop buying things that are not needed.

Living a good life does not need to be expensive nor does it have to be huge; live simply, give ample love, show lots of empathy and connect with the higher being. All these are available within ourselves; no money is involved, so why not start now?