Yoga Mail

As the days were still echoing with New Year’s greetings, MAYI Yoga Academy was busy prepping itself with a celebration of its own. This year, in its quest to bring yoga to the local communities, MAYI kick started the year with a series of Open Days at four centres across the city. It began at Damansara on January 2, continued to Klang on March 4, Subang on March 17 and finished at Selayang on March 18.

With its doors (and arms) wide open, we witnessed fellow MAYI members as well as the general public stepping in to sample various yoga classes – ranging from Beginners Yoga to Intermediate Yoga, Flow Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Teens Yoga and even Kids Yoga classes! Expectant mothers at the Subang Open Day had the opportunity to participate in the Pregnancy Yoga Classes. What a treat for them! The sense of contentment reflected in everyone’s face after the sessions was a true testament to the effectiveness of doing yoga in the right way. Participants were further greeted with exciting promotions for the monthly and annual yoga packages that served as a motivation for them to practise yoga regularly.

Understanding clearly that a healthy body goes beyond physical activity, the team at Damansara slotted in a sumptuous Healthy Eating segment to introduce Sattvic diet to participants, using simple cooking methods and healthy ingredients. The studio was momentarily transformed into a mini kitchen with a cooking demonstration that included meal preparation, recipes and food tasting. The foods prepared were Masala Curry Pasta with Veggie, Carrot Cake Overnight Rolled Oats and Warm Corn Millet with Fruits. All participants had the opportunity to taste each and every one of the mouth-watering dishes and some even had takeaways!

Those who were hungry for knowledge were elated when the team at Klang and Selayang set up a Mini Book Sale with a selection of books featuring topics on yoga, mindfulness, breathing techniques, yogic studies and many other interesting topics. There was so much to fill our minds with!

A special Wellness Yoga Talk was given to welcome those who sought to improve their health in a holistic way. The practical presentations and demonstrations during the talk had certainly opened up a new dimension of holistic healthcare to the attendees. The avid practitioners who were ready to take yoga to the next level were charmed by MAYI’s wide array of professional yoga certification courses. Many were in awe of the variety of classes, workshops, courses and services available at MAYI. More so, they were impressed with MAYI’s accolades and the recognitions it has in the yoga and well-being industry.

To sum it up, all those who patronised the MAYI Open Day events were happy to find what they were looking for. At MAYI, there’s truly something for everyone!

For those who missed our Open Days, fret not! MAYI will be organising its next Open Day at Puchong on May 5, 2018.