Yoga Mail

By Master Manisekaran

What separates nature from life seems to be the perspective rather than fact. In fact, we are intrinsically connected to nature through our need to breathe in the life-giving air and nature’s continuous generosity in receiving it. Just imagine this, if at all nature refuses to give space for us to expel our breath, we will face instant extinction. And the nurturing process of humanity by mother nature is unparalleled, but man does not  appreciate it due to his ignorance, hence we see the continued carnage of mother nature by her own inhabitants.

Life exists for a purpose and it is to find the meaning to “birth” itself, and the fundamental question to ask is: “Why was I born?” Why were you? Can you attempt to answer this question? In answering it correctly, you will find life itself.

The “nature of life” is to support mother nature completely — to protect humanity against decay of mind and body, to protect nature against any carnage, to nurture animals of sky, land and sea to a complete life — and make sure that a life governed fully by nature, without man’s interference, takes place. This, naturally, will lead to the achievement of true self-realisation without any trace of superiority, so that  equilibrium is maintained and everyone is seen as part of the one human family. This has to be clearly seen and felt by each one us.