Yoga Mail

By Master Manisekaran

Isn’t it true that life itself is the greatest teacher? Wouldn’t it be true to say that if one pays full attention to learning from life, then super learning will take place?

The protocol for super learning, for me, is to learn to realise one’s self. For what is life without knowledge of one’s own self?

The grave mood of the world due to external perception of things, and living just to satisfy one’s senses, has led to decay, epidemic levels of phobias and mental degradations.

The only way to put an end to the impending disaster waiting to befall humanity is to shift the attention to processes of self-realisation, and cultivate the art of seeing the best in all — this is super learning!

The potential of superhuman quality can be explored, unleashed and utilised through super learning, however, the process can only begin once one starts on a proper training discipline, as it cannot be achieved through mere armchair rhetoric.

For me, practising the asanas, pranayamas, meditation and mindfulness — at almost all moments in life — is the most effective super learning process.

Love and serve all.