Yoga Mail

by Harvey

July 1969 saw American astronaut Neil Armstrong become the first person to walk on the moon. As he walked, Armstrong famously said, “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind”. Almost 50 years later, a similar buzz filled the atmosphere at the MAYI Infinity (MI) headquarters in Selayang. It was the official launch of Mayi Infinity on Saturday, March 2, 2019. Like the Apollo mission, MI’s vision was equally bold and ambitious.

Serve the people and the world at large

Envisioned by its mentor, Manisekaran (affectionately known as Mani by the members), MI was set up for the sole purpose to serve humanity, nature and mother earth. Its vision is to see a world free of harmful chemicals that affect the wellbeing of all living things on this planet.

To achieve this, MI’s mission is to promote high-quality, 100% chemical-free, natural products through an equitable business platform that rewards sharing.

The launch kicked off with a warm welcome speech by the chief executive officer Meiwan, followed by a brief presentation of the company’s pre-launch progress milestones. One pre-launch notable activity was MI’s inaugural corporate social responsibility initiative titled “Program Ceria Infinity”. Led by Mentor Mani, several members and MI team visited the children’s cancer ward at Pusat Perubatan Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (formerly known as HUKM) on January 17, 2019. It was an incredible experience that not only moved the team, but strengthened their resolve to pursue the company’s vision as well.

Speaking to an audience of 150, Mentor Mani introduced the team behind the company followed by a rousing speech outlining the company’s philosophy, direction, code of conduct and product benefits. In particular, MI, he said is here to serve its members (distributors) who in turn will serve the people and the world at large. He paid tribute to the hardworking members who shared and whole heartedly supported the company’s vision by bringing such wonderful products to the world.

The following is a gist of his speech:

Chemicals and health

Mentor Manisekaran spoke passionately about the devastating effects of harmful chemicals on the skin and our overall wellbeing. He explained that the absorption of such chemicals by our skin is higher than the chemicals that are ingested through food. With the improvement in technology, it is only a matter of time before the world will know the harm. For example, the recent case of a famous talcum powder that was found to contain asbestos.

Chemicals and the future of the world: Not only humans but nature and mother earth too will suffer when these unsafe chemicals are disposed of into our lands and waters. The message was that we must all work to stop the excessive use of these unsafe chemicals. It must end before it’s too late.

MI’s Solution

Firstly, awareness is the key. The company advocates learning and sharing of such knowledge to the world to make it a better place. Secondly, MI provides a safe and healthy alternative with its 100% all-natural product with no preservatives or harmful chemicals. The commercial use of the terms “natural” or “organic” by many manufacturers may be misleading as most do carry preservatives and unwanted chemicals. At MI, the products are made under safe environment using only the highest-quality ingredients. Up to 25 different herbs, fruits, nuts and roots are used for each product. It is the recipe and the right blending of these herbs that gives its potency.

MI as an income opportunity: Mentor Mani explained MI’s business model is to reward its members who use and promote the product to others. It is a simple concept of “the more a member uses or promotes, the more they earn”. It is left to the members to earn lucrative incomes depending on their drive and ambition.

For instance, a serious entrepreneur who is keen to build a network may earn up to RM2,000 per day

(subject to the terms and conditions).

All that the member has to do is purchase a product package, get trained and start earning by promoting the values and benefits of the products to others who are keen. No high capital injection or investment is required unlike the traditional business model.

For those who are already working full time, MI provides the members the flexibility to earn a passive income to supplement their main income. Such income opportunity will be valuable to families during the current economic climate.

Knowledge is Key

Mentor Mani strongly stressed the importance of learning and sharing the knowledge of wellness to others. He implored members to take advantage of the many trainings conducted by MI or its partner, Mind Body Technologies (MBT), to learn more about their health, the products they use and the potency of the ingredients and many other skills for their self-improvement. Not only is there the benefit of good health, there is also an opportunity of wealth and wisdom.

As Mentor Mani’s riveting speech came to an end, all eyes were on the mystery box that revealed a new product — a 100% natural, chemical-free floor wash. In less than a year, MI has expanded its product range to 8 products and Mentor Mani promised more to come.

The infinity pledge

At the end of his speech, Mentor Mani pledged to stop the use of harmful chemicals by signing the Infinity Pledge. He then invited all those who were present to follow suit and to start spreading the word to the world.

Finally, no launch is complete without the celebratory cutting of the cake and dinner. The vegetarian dishes were lovely. It was time for sharing of ideas, mingling, selfies and wefies. With such promising future at hand, the members went home “awakened” and thrilled. Like the space shuttle launch 50 years ago, the MI launch was a momentous start of a beautiful journey. One small step towards helping mankind, one giant leap towards saving the Planet.