Yoga Mail

By Master Manisekaran

Part of the infinity

Enlightenment is infinity experienced within this finite human body and mind.

To say one is ever fully enlightened could be a false statement. Yet to be captivated by the infinite’s softest touch itself could have this feeling evoked in the graced person’s consciousness.

I believe every such person thought he/she had achieved total enlightenment, but the truth could have been that it was just a dot of infinity.

So, can we ever imagine what could be the total experience of enlightenment, or infinity, within the human framework? We can’t, and therefore, we remain awed and humbled, bowing down to this unfathomable infinity called enlightenment.

I believe absolute enlightenment is when everyone else is also brought to that state because we are all part of that infinity. Therefore we will need to contribute to the enlightenment of everyone as our most sacred duty and purpose of this life.

Yoga is one of the paths that can point to that direction of attaining a glimpse of that which would change one for eternity.