Yoga Mail

By Dr.Kuga

It is no longer a surprise to know that the inclusion of regular yoga practice in one’s lifestyle delivers remarkable health benefits. Yoga has gained its rightful reputation and recognition over the years and it has made modern-day physicians prescribe this ancient practice as a complementary approach in improving individual health as a whole.

Acknowledging the growing role of yoga in delivering specific health benefits, MAYI Yoga is spearheading the next milestone in this genre.

We are sequencing a specific code of yogic methodology that is sewn together to deliver the desired effects to targeted systems in the body enabling restoration of optimal health. With reference to some of the ancient yet highly scientific scriptures of yoga, this task permits for an in-depth understanding of the pathological process of a particular disease, thus helping us in coding this unique sequence for you. In this sequence, many sacred techniques that work like a ‘key-lock’ mechanism are incorporated to clear energy blockages and steadily bring about reverberation at the cellular level for optimal vibrancy. Although this sequence may vary from one individual to another, a “common sequence” which could be safely applied at a large scale is now being synthesized at our wellness division.

Wellness yoga workshop

One of the applied techniques includes body postures fondly known as ‘asana’ in the yogic terms. We have been closely studying and monitoring the effects of over 80 body postures in the last decade. The right choice of words to describe the effect of body posture is yet to be discovered. It is truly magical what a single asana can do to the body. For instance, the Gomukhasana (Cow’s Face Pose) works wonders in mobilising the shoulders in a Frozen Shoulder Syndrome and the same works to relieve bronchospasm in Asthma. The marvel does not end here; hundreds of such examples could be easily elaborated. Calibrated breath ratios, variable humming tones, deep theta relaxations, and subtle energy flow enhancement are some of the most valuable techniques incorporated in creating this unique sequence for the betterment of your health.

Come and experience some of these specifically designed sequences to complement health restoration in a step wise manner guided by our experts through our Wellness Yoga Workshops.