Yoga Mail

Step by Step:

  1. Lie down in Shavasana and relax.
  2. Bend the right knee and bring the thigh to the chest.
  3. Interlock the fingers and clasp the hands on the shin just below the right knee.
  4. Keep the left leg straight and on the ground.
  5. Inhale deeply, filling the lungs as much as possible.
  6. Exhaling, raise the head and shoulders off the ground and without straining bring the right knee to the nose.
  7. Remain in the final position for a few seconds.
  8. While inhaling, return to the base position and relax the body.
  9. Repeat on the other side.


This asana may be repeated by bringing both knees and bringing both thighs to the chest.


  • Strengthens the lower back muscles and loosens the spinal vertebrae.
  • Massages the abdomen and the digestive organs and is therefore very effective in removing wind and constipation.
  • Massages the pelvic muscles and reproductive organs.


People suffering from high blood pressure or serious back conditions such as sciatica and slipped disc.