Yoga Therapy for Spinal Health


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Enjoy a 75 minutes workshop filled with health tips on tackling your spinal health and reversing back pain arising from some of the commonest spine conditions such as slipped disc, scoliosis, sciatica, cervical spondylitis and degeneration of the spine. Following the workshop we offer you optional 6 classes designed exclusively to tackle your back pain using a bio-psycho-social model which emphasizes the mind body connection and the importance of healing at not just the physical body.In fact the physical body does not heal until the mind body and emotions are aligned.



 Despite all our efforts and skills for all our resources, disability stemming from back pain, especially lower back pain is getting steadily worse. The classic bio-medical model used by mainstream healthcare to treat back pain is unable to deliver cure to the patients. The bio-psycho-social model addresses a more holistic approach to pain which recognizes that pain does not only have biological components but also includes psychological, social and cultural influences which interact in the causation, maintenance and exacerbation of the disease.

In this model, mind and body are seen as automatically intertwined rather than separated (as in biomedical model). Using this model, the effective management of acute and chronic back pain involves not only addressing the medical or physical aspects of pain but also the psychological (mental, emotional and behavioral) and sociocultural aspects. Passive physiotherapy alone is inappropriate and only gives short term relieve.

Patients must actively participate in finding relieve for their back pain by having a daily routine to reap benefits. 
– Malaysian Healthcare Guidelines


Newer tips & guidances
You’ll get helpful tips and guidance for everything from better protection for your spine to healthy lifestyle to keep you active.
No drug intervention
Obtain relieve from long standing back pain without drug intervention and hazardous physical intervention.
Yoga techniques
Learn proper yoga techniques from experts to give muscular protection to joints and bone to prevent further injury.
Anti-ageing effect
In yogic system, it’s not the number of years that determines your age, but the flexibility of your spine that determines a person’s age.
Increase Productivity
Increasing performance at all domains of life lead you to career advancement, better relationships and a more rewarding life.
Enhance quality of life
Taking care of your body helps to boost well-being and overall increased sense of wellness and happiness from within.

I don’t have any of the spinal diseases mentioned above but I am keen. Is this campaign suitable for me?

Yes, if you find yourself in any of the following group:

  • Chronic back pain (neck and lower back pain) unresolved by medication
  • Post-delivery persistent back pain
  • Family history of spinal disease
  • Poor posture
  • Sedentary lifestyle
  • Commercial vehicle drivers
  • Stress-induced neck and shoulder pain
  • Acquired listing/misalignment of the spine
  • Unresolved sports related injury of the back
  • Previously attended private yoga therapy for lower back pain
  • Keen to create a healthy back


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26 Feb 2017 (Sunday) Selayang
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