Super Yoga Kids Instructor Course

Pure Essence of a Child

Children can be full of energy, bursting with joy, excitement and curiosity; their creativity, potential and character waiting to be tapped and nurtured. A child’s life direction, the magnitude of awareness and personality growth, lies in the hand of parents and teachers, as they look up to us for guidance and support.


Super Yoga Kids Instructor Course (SYKIC) was born from the understanding of this need to holistically enhance child development. We use fun presentation and dynamic techniques to capture the children’s interest while closely following the traditional yogic teachings.



Instructors will also be taught accelerated yogic brain development programs for children to enhance the left and right brain functionings. Character building modules are part of the syllabus to help instructors understand children better.


On the whole, the instructor becomes steadier in handling children, gains a deep sense of satisfaction as they are involved directly in grooming a child and are blessed with lots of laughter and adorable beaming faces around them in class!


Course Outline

  • Understanding child development to facilitate holistic learning
  • Asanas (postures) to help children grow strong and healthy
  • Pranayama (breathing techniques) to improve lung capacity and increase stamina
  • Yoga Nidra (deep relaxation) to provide deep rest and an introduction to meditation
  • Developing teaching materials
  • Creative teaching


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Next Intake

  • 25th March 2018 – Bangsar
  • 13th May 2018 – Brickfields
  • 11th June 2018 – Klang
  • 24th June 2018 – Subang


Graduates’ Insights

“The Super Yoga Kids Instructor Course is a strong foundation to continue my development as an effective kids yoga instructor. It has added depth to my kids classes without sacrificing the fun elements.

…Teaching children is such a joy as they don’t judge and can open us to so many new ideas.”Grace Tan

“The course helped me to understand the feelings and enthusiasm of children better and I am able to manage their emotions according to their needs, and maximise their abilities and talents. I would recommend this course to all, especially parents, teachers and those who want to start a family. Now I understand children as they are.” Mona Cheong
“The SYKIC is so well structured, encompassing a theory portion explaining the effective art of communicating intricacies of Yoga postures to children without compromising its contents. It appeared important that parents are made to understand, Yoga for kids is taught in a playful manner at times, to engage their minds to remain focused while the effects of these postures and other yogic techniques gradually make a difference when practice regularly.

We were given the space and comfort to be sporting, trusting, encouraging, open and creative ~ coupled with Loads of FUN! All of us, who were initially apprehensive about getting down to moving like children, enjoyed the sessions thoroughly as days went by.

Because of the way the class was conducted, coupled with the amazing energy that fellow participants and the teacher contributed, it sparked an Inspiration to do my best in nurturing my dormant potential. Materials created in our required assignments were soon used as practical teaching materials. SYKIC has been about self-acceptance and self-learning, as well as ‘hard-work’ in breaking my mental fatigue then.”K. Saravana Sealan

“The SYKIC sessions were filled with enjoyment and fun! We were trained to be creative and innovative when conducting the Kids Yoga Class and each assignment were presented with creativity coupled with volcanic laughter! Seriousness was present when we discuss about the asanas and theories about child development.

What did I learne from all this? I came to understand that in order to communicate effectively with kids, we have to be like one of them; act like them; think like them and most of all be with them with our purest sincerity.” Julie Hoh

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