Mastery Courses

Unleash Your Potential through Self Mastery

Each and every one of us are abundant with energy.

Are yours being channelled in the most productive way?

Discover these powerful Mastery Courses which could help unleash your latent energy and nourish your hidden potential.

Realising the Greatness Within

The practice of Kundalini Kriya Yoga guides one to know thyself, discovering the brilliant creative genius within, and guides one to project oneself in a holistic manner. Be centred and balanced in all situations; calm and concentrated in a hostile one; focused and dynamic at all times, through every situation and every action; and have the presence of mind to deal with anyone, no matter who, in the same cheerful and humble manner, while knowing and being in control of the situation and finishing the tasks at hand, in the sharpest of mind conditions.

The concept of prana or life force has been an interesting topic for those trying to understand psychic phenomenon, yoga, healing, personal magnetism and human potential. The practice of Prana vidya allows one to harness boundless life force which lies within.

When we are able to keep our mind focused on an object for a desired duration in an effortless and efficient way, the mind is paved for meditation. These Dharana practices are essential for harnessing the clarity of mind, the ability to focus with calmness, and in achieving efficiency in life.